The way we work. The way we deliver.

At ColorBracket, we transform client's dream into reality. ColorBracket brings Strategy, Design, Development and Deployment in a single bucket. We cover each and every step of SDLC phase with proper methodology and care.

requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

Determining user expectations for a new or modified product

Technology is moving at a breakneck speed. We, as a technology expert, use the best feasible solution for the client. We discuss their project over their chosen discussion platform. It can be through mail, Skype, GoToMeeting, TeamViewer and even phone calls.

  • We use industry standard documentation software such as Open Office, Google Docs to keep track of the discussion. The use of shared documents help us in working with the client collaboratively without missing a note. This way a project can be started with no doubts from both end.
  • Use of Questionnaires is a powerful way to know every single part of the proposed project and it's functionality.
  • Our developers then analyze the proposed features and feasibility of implementation.
  • If require, we also discuss and guide client about the best way of deployment in server at this stage.

Use of questionnaire help understand the client idea better

Sketch, Wireframe, Template

UML approach to provide a standard way to visualize the design of a system

The most important 3 things which always provided the best help during development is not any Hardware, Software or a person. Its actually Sticky Notes, White Board and Drawing paper.

  • We do brainstorming. Yes, a lot of brainstorming. A proper architecture is the building block of any project. Before developing any project we do proper feasibility study. Within the organization we conduct many brainstorming session regarding the project.
  • We use White Boards and drawing paper to draw instant sketches, rough wire-frames, data flow diagram (DFD) etc. to understand the entire flow of the project. Even we capture those drawing and send to client for their update. Until unless there is a clear picture of the project in every developers mind, the development will not produce a good outcome.
  • Without drawing proper wire-frames of any project is just like putting a cart before the horse. We use Balsamiq, Gliffy and other online drawing tools to design project wire-frames.
  • A picture speaks more than words. It's true for our cases also. For any type of projects, we have our expert designers. Designers provide us the templates produced from the wire-frames.
  • Our designers are capable of producing world class templates for Web and Mobile. They are equipped with the knowledge of tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Inkspace etc. Whether it's Metro style or Material design or any latest trend- they can create magic.

Use of white board, drawing paper, sticky note, DFD to understand the flow of the project


Development and Delivery

On time, on schedule, on budget, always

We promise our client to deliver outstanding product which is beyond their imagination. Our developers are young, passionate about coding and full with crazy ideas. They love technology and coding but they do not love any particular language. They are open and ready to explore new things.

  • We use state of the art Hardware and Software to execute the projects. Our developers works on the worlds leading software development tools like- Eclipse, Android Studio, X-Code, Atom, Sublime-Text etc.
  • For version controlling and collaborative development we use Github and Bitbucket.
  • We use Basecamp, Asana, Google and Zoho tools for better handling of projects. Use of collaborative applications and tools update our clients in real time on project progression.
  • To reduce the development cost we always give priority on use of free and open source softwares.
  • We always keep in mind to ensure the Quality of the product. It’s important to ensure that the application should not result into any failures. Because it can be very expensive in the future or in the later stages of the development.
  • We just not only do the development, one cycle of testing also done by ourself. Based on the requirement we also place dedicated testers into the project. A perfect and reliable product is the result of perfect testing.

Use of high config hardware, latest software and collaborative tools for development

Free and open source software reduce the project cost.


and finally...

We promise to deliver outstanding product for every client

As like other tech companies, we do not disengage our developers just after completion of the project. Actually the toughest job starts after the execution of the main task.

  • As an expert Mobile app developer, we take explicit care of optimization management of our developed apps. Our developer always take care of issues like overall app size, UI smoothness, memory footprint, resource utilization, caching and optimization.
  • We also provide server optimization related solutions. We guide our client throughout the application development. We provide best suggestion regarding application deployment in Cloud. Which deployment platform client should use in terms of workability, costing and maintenance- that also include in our service.
  • We follow 'Client first' approach. Even in rare cases, if the Mobile app crashes or the Web application not working properly after prolong time of deployment, we are ready to help.
  • We believe in relationship. Healthy and never ending relationship.

A better product is not just a requirement. It's also our responsibility.